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Waimea Bridge Opening Ceremony

Great Taste Trail - Waimea Bridge Opening

The Waimea Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge was officially opened on Saturday 26th Jan, 2013.  The bridge crosses the Waimea River and allows yet more of the Tasman’s Great Taste Trail to be cycled as a continuous ride, linking Richmond to Rabbit Island.  The Mapua Ferry further links riders to Mapua and beyond.

Waiting for the Waimea Bridge to open

Cycling on the Tasman’s Great Taste Trail is something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Mayor Kempthorne officiates the opening of the Waimea Bridge

Tasman’s Mayor Kempthorne introduces the speakers during the opening ceremony.

Nick Smith MP talks about the National Governments cycle track initiative.

The Hon. Nick Smith MP talks about the government’s cycle trail strategy in a week that saw him reinstated back into Cabinet with the Conservation portfolio.

Waimea Bridge

A young rider views the bridge before his first crossing.  (Note: the photographer’s self portrait in the lens of the sunnies!!)

The Waimea Bridge gets well used on the first day after the official opening ceremony

The Great Taste Trail has been  welcomed by so many bike riders who enjoy the traffic-free tracks.

Heading off the Waimea Bridge nr Richmond near Nelson

There will definitely be health benefits to the community from the extra exercise and reduction in stress.

Bike riders on the Great Taste Trail

Faster mum, faster!!!

What a brilliant childs seat!!

The track just past the Waimea Bridge

Leaving the Mapua Ferry to start the Great Taste Trail

The Mapua Ferry links Rabbit Island with Mapua Wharf.  Bike racks are provided in the boat to store your cycle during the short journey.

Relaxing at the JellyFish Cafe in Mapua after biking the Great Taste Trail

Recreational cycling doesn’t have to be all hard work.  The wharf at Mapua offers lots of opportunities to relax with a drink, meal, ice cream or the Smokehouse’s Fish and Chips eaten out of the paper.

Enjoying the Mapua Ferry ride

Pure relaxation.

Straight off the Mapua Ferry at Rabbit Island

A flying start to the trip back home via Rabbit Island. What a smashing day out from Richmond or Nelson.

More photos can be viewed on the David Letsche Photography facebook page >> Tasman’s Great Taste Trail Waimea Bridge Opening Ceremony and trip to Rabbit Island and Mapua

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