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2014 Collingwood Street Trolley Derby

David Letsche Photography was at the 2014 Collingwood Street Trolley Derby and captured all the action, pre race nerves, cool trollies, close shaves and examples of kiwi “no.8 wire” engineering at it’s best.

Photos are now available via the link below.  Please remember to purchase the commercial license option if you are getting the photo for business purposes.  (Price includes GST and receipt is available on request.)

Photos from the 2014 Collingwood Street Trolley Derby

But here are some images from 2012….

Trolley racer ready to go down the Collingwood St course

Racer ready to roll down Collingwood St in Nelson.

Is it a formula 1 car, nope, a converted mussel buoy.

The race is on down Collingwood St.

Collingwood St provides the perfect gallery for spectators to watch the racing.

This is a bit of a squeeze.

Village Cycles

The Kiwi Flyer, a trolley that featured in a film of the same name that was filmed at the Collingwood St Trolley Derby.

The film star trolley, the “Kiwi Flyer”.

Parents get to race too.

Parents get to race too.

Speeding in a 50 zone is encouraged, but only for the trollies!

“Excuse me, but I recorded you doing 70kph in a 50kph zone, well done mate!!”

Plus the occasional spill

Collingwood St Derby, always something exciting going on.

Hope the weather stays fine for the racing on Saturday.



Richmond Rodeo 18th Jan 2014

Photos from the 2014 Richmond Rodeo

The annual Richmond Rodeo will be held at the Richmond Showgrounds on Saturday 18th Jan 2014.

Bull riding at Richmond Rodeo 2014

Superb bull riding at the 2014 Richmond Rodeo.

The barrel racing event at the local rodeo held in Richmond near Nelson NZ.

Barrel racing at the local rodeo.

There are events for the kids too at the rodeo.

Sheep riding.  Looks almost comfortable.