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Moutere Artisans Labour Day Weekend

Moutere Artisans Weekend, Upper Moutere

The Moutere is showcasing the Moutere Artisans this Labour Day Weekend.  The regions foremost food and drink producers, artists and accommodation providers are collectively opening their doors to welcome visitors from near and far.

Neudorf Vineyards, Peckham’s Cider,Himmelsfeld Vineyard, Woollaston Estates, Harakeke Farm, Kahurangi Estate, Moutere Inn, Sunset Valley Vineyard

Neudorf Dairy, Neudorf Olives, Moutere Gold, Moutere Strawberries, Neudorf Mushrooms

Icon Centre of Contemporary Art, Michael MacMillan Gallery, Anna Barnett Pottery, Pegleg Woodwork, Barlett & Gold Gallery

The Mudcastle, Lancewood Villa, Neudorf Hall, Kahurangi Estate Vineyard Cottage

Blackbird Valley Western Pleasure Horse Trekking

The Moutere Artisan group have a website www.moutereartisans.co.nz and also a facebook page www.facebook.com/MoutereArtisans.

Harakeke Winery Cellar Door

Intense cat!

Himmelsfeld Vineyard

Cheesemakers at Neudorf Rd

Owen Bartlett Gallery, Upper Moutere






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