Commercial Promo Videos in Nelson, NZ

High quality short promotional videos are becoming increasingly important with the widespread availability of fast broadband, 4G and fibre and the move to more powerful mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Professional production and marketing assistance makes the process of making a video straightforward.

Breaking the process into steps…

Initial meeting and concept

Before any filming takes place there has to be a concept. What is being presented and how should this be communicated?

Scripting and storyboarding

If needed, a script is written to ensure all the necessary points are included in the video.  A visual list of clips is produced to describe how the story will develop and how/where/when the footage will be captured.


Filming takes place on location or in a portable studio to capture all the required clips that will make the video.

Video Editing

Video clips, audio recordings and music are combined to produce a seamless and compelling promotional video.


The video is transferred to the web or DVD as required.

Video Production

Running through all of the above steps is the Production process which ensures the video is produced on time to the agreed budget.

Please contact us if you have any questions about having a short promotional video made for your company or organisation.